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First of all, I wanted to thank you for visiting my website. I've had this website since 2005 and decided to update it in 2014. I took the chance to change the entire site, taking all of the tracking, web status, etc. back to the bottom ranks.

I keep an online journal and share a lot of my life there. I am very open about my past in great hopes that I will inspire someone or help someone. At present, my twin sister and I are currently working on our memoir. Here is the link to the website that my twin sister and I have together -

Answers to questions that my clients/students often ask me:

- I do not believe in diets. Portion control and eat only when hungry is what I do. However, I admit that I do not eat right all the time, but when I do eat, I try to eat healthy.
- I teach for selfish reasons. I gain so much from teaching! I met all of my close friends from my classes. I love to help people achieve their goals! I also teach to keep my own life active (I need the motivation too sometimes).
- I have a fear of public speaking! (Yes, that is true!) This is another reason why I teach fitness... I have a strong fear of talking in front of the public AND in my classes!
- I chose to never drink alcohol or take recreational drugs. My life is hectic just like everyone else. I cannot understand this, but so many people think that my life is "easy and stress-free". I can assure you that that is far from the truth! I too have my deadlines, pet-peeves, Type I Personality, and am a total perfectionist! LOL

What I truly believe: I laugh all the time, (most of the time at myself). I don't care what people think of me and when I make my ugly faces or say things that doesn't make any sense, I laugh even more! Stay positive...Laugh often...Learn to breathe.

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