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Fitness Motivators program was originated on April 4, 1989. A successful, proven-results company by offering fitness classes in several communities and corporations - raising the bar on what a quality fitness program should be - touching the lives of over 10,000 clients and fitness professionals. We would like to take this opportunity to honor some of our students.
Below you will see the best of the best! Thank you for shinning a light on our lives and making our classes successful. You are the reason we are here today! Love, FM Team

20 years Cynthia R

Cynthia R. 27

















10 years

Tony A

Tony A. 15

Ginny Morgan

Ginny M 14

Lori Wetzel-Petersmark

Lori W-P 14

Carol Armstrong

Carol A 13

Donna Gregor

Donna G 13


Lori S. 12


Jim G. 12


Pam R. 12















10 years

Celeste D

Celeste D. 10

Judy W

Judy W. 10


Marcy S. 10

Angela M

Angela M. 9

Carolyn K

Carolyn K. 9


Phyllis W. 8


Celeste E. 8


Denise G. 8

Lynn C 8

Lynn C. 8

Rachel Boland

Rachel B 7


Wendy Z. 7

Lisa 6

Lisa B. 6

Kathy G

Kathy G. 6

Diane P

Diane P. 6

Brenda H

Brenda H. 6

Beth S

Beth S. 6

5 years

Rochelle H

Rochelle H. 5

Mary Ann W

Mary Ann W. 5

Gwendolyn C

Gwendolyn C. 3


Shauna K. 3

















If you are not on this list, please write to us and let us know how long you have been a part of our Fitness Motivators program. Please use our form at this link:


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