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Enjoy some of the news coverage we've had on Z-Box. I selected WDIV-4 and WXYZ-7 coverage of Z-Box to share with you here.

What is Z-Box Fitness? Z-Box Fitness® technique utilizes intermittent training by varying intensity bursts of exercise (fun dance moves) with decreased intensity recovery periods. This style has incredible advantages. It is the quickest way to get fit, lose fat, and be supercharged for optimal fitness. Throw in the weights and you speed up the process even more! Z-Box Fitness blends cardio boxing, dance, body toning and relaxation into one program. I created this program well over 15 years ago. I had other names to the program and decided in 2007 that it would be called Z-Box Fitness. In 2009, Z-Box Fitness became a legal trademark! The "Z" stands for "Z.E.N.". Z.E.N. stands for Zone Envision and Nature. Since Zone, Envision, Nature was too long for a fitness name, I decided to cut the name into "Z" and Z-Box was born. We also call the Z-Box Instructors and students ZEN Boxers!

Donna came aboard when we decided to move forward with Z-Box and offer it as a continue education program. Since the development of Z-Box and with Donna as the co-creator of the business side of it, the program has grown across the nation! With the release our first Z-Box Fitness DVD, November 2011, we are proud of where Z-Box Fitness is today. It is a great program once Instructors understand how to teach it. Because of the demand of different workouts within one program, it takes a very special Instructor to teach Z-Box. There are Z-Box Instructors nationwide and we offer Instructors workshops a few times per year.

We are currently working on another DVD. This time we are going to concentrate on the Z.E.N. portion of Z-Box. Z.E.N. is VERY popular in our Z-Box classes and the need for our Z.E.N. workout is important in this stressful world! I cannot wait until we release Z.E.N.. If you would like the updates of the next DVD, please write to us and we will keep you informed!


To learn more about Z-Box, please visit this link to the Z-Box website. You can also watch a cool video that I put together below. It features some of our Novi, Michigan Students.

Z-Box DVD Cover

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