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Since most of you already know, I have been teaching fitness for over 38 years. Before Zumba was ever popular in Michigan, I can honestly say that I was one of the first to offer it within the cities that I teach in. Since Zumba came to Michigan, I have had media contact me for numerous interviews and articles relating to the safety of Zumba and "What is Zumba?". Below you will find all the information you will need to learn more about the Zumba Fitness Program. I give my honest point-of-view to the subject. Rollover your mouse on the photos above... In these photos: Beto Perez, the Creator of Zumba, Donna, Chrissy, and me. Click on each of the Folders below to open it.
Debbie Lim and Zumba
Below are a few media coverage we had on our Zumba classes... WXYZ-7, Fox-2 and I am very proud to say that CBS/Detroit named me and our Fitness Motivators Team as the Top Five in the Detroit area that teaches Zumba! We placed twice, within the five spots!

Zumba Fitness

As most of us know, Zumba® made its way to the classroom from their famous late night infomercials late 2007 to early 2008. Since 2008, there are well over 1000 classes AND over 1000 Zumba Instructors in one zip code alone (using Livonia, Michigan as my guide)!

Zumba is a fun and effective cardio workout with sculpting exercises designed to tone the entire body from top to bottom. Depending on how you exert yourself, you could burn between 300 to 600 calories PER CLASS! Latin music and a combination of fast and slow Latin moves are used. This high/low impact class has something to offer all fitness levels.

Since Zumba classes are booming all around the country, I want you to think of your safety before heading to the next Zumba class. A lot of these classes are producing Instructors that does NOT have the experience as a Group Fitness Instructor. I feel (remember, this is my personal view) this could cause some injury to the participate and the overall experience to the participate could become negative.

The inexperienced Instructor lack knowledge in the fitness industry and the facilities hiring these Instructors to teach these popular Zumba classes could result in some unpleasant situations for everyone. Those that want to teach Zumba, MUST attend an eight-hour workshop to teach Zumba. Unfortunately Zumba LLC© does not require one to have a Group certification or a CPR certification. This may change, but for now, there are no requirements to have any type of fitness background.

With that being said, for the Participate: Please be sure to check the Instructor's qualifications before signing up for ANY Zumba class... Does this Instructor have a nationally, recognized group/fitness certification? Is this Instructor authorized to teach Zumba©? Is he or she CPR Certified?

If you haven't noticed by now, Zumba keeps adding new programs to their resume. In order to stay on top in the fitness industry, they have this need to add classes that these inexperienced Zumba Instructors should not teach.... no matter if these Instructors take the 8-hour workshop! (e.g., Zumba Step classes will soon pop up everywhere. Teaching a regular Step class is VERY challenging, let alone teaching salsa on the step! PLEASE make sure that your Instructor taught a Step class BEFORE offering Zumba Step!)

Zumba is a great program and it is A LOT of fun! Just do your homework before heading out the door!

Licensed Zumba Instructor or a "fake Zumba Instructor?
Most people that are new to Zumba will not know the difference between a licensed Zumba Instructor or a "fake Zumba Instructor". Zumba is suppose to be energetic, fun, with "no worries", and like a party setting. We are taught to give you 70% Latin and 30% "other". Make sure to ask the Instructor if he or she is licensed to teach Zumba. If he or she says "yes", then ask for his or her business card or full name and you check for yourself! The Instructor MUST be licensed to teach Zumba. To check the name of the Instructor, follow this link: http://www.zumba.com/en-US/party/classes/class-zumba-fitness Make sure to type in the Instructor's name at this link and the city. If that Instructor is not listed, they are not licensed to teach Zumba.

Is your Zumba Instructor facing away from YOU while teaching?
Having a Zumba Instructor teach with their backs facing you is not desirable, nor is it considered proper in the fitness industry. Some Participates don't mind or prefer the Instructors backs facing them, but this type of class is not personable and can lead to boredom and sometimes can cause injury to the Participate. When an Instructor is facing away from the students, the Instructor cannot monitor the students and cannot see if there is a situation among the students that need immediate attention. If the studio has mirrors and the Instructor periodically faces the mirrors (with their backs toward you) and then faces the class, that is appropriate.

Is your Zumba Instructor really a Certified Zumba Instructor?
Zumba Instructors who say they are "Certified Zumba Instructors" may not be certified! Remember, Zumba Instructors are ONLY licensed to use the Zumba name and logo for their classes. That does NOT mean they are certified. To the general public, most people think that all Zumba Instructors are certified Fitness Instructors. That information is completely incorrect. When one attends the 8-hour Zumba workshop, the person is only granted the right to legally use the Zumba name and Zumba logo to advertise their classes. If they opt to become a ZIN Member (Zumba Instructors Network - The member pays a $360.00 annual fee), these Instructor will also have the right to use the music and choreography that they paid for and received from ZIN. FYI: There are some Zumba Instructors that are not ZIN Members. These Instructors will still be listed at the official Zumba website.

The only time a Zumba Instructor is truly "certified" is IF they are nationally certified from organizations such as ACE (American Council on Exercise) or AFAA (American Fitness Association of America). Being certified in group fitness takes on a different level to the profession! One will have to study and pass a written and/or practical exam and attend the necessary workshop (with ACE you do not, but it is desirable. ACE has an intense written exam!). They must earn continuing education credits to keep their certification throughout the year. They must be CPR certified too.

Zumba Gold

Zumba® Gold was designed for the active older adult, the true beginner, and/or people who are not used to exercising, or people who may be limited physically. Zumba Gold is done at a much lower intensity. The same great Latin styles of music and dance are used and just as fun as the regular Zumba classes.

Zumba Gold classes strives to improve our balance, strength, flexibility and most importantly, the heart. Generally this class will last between 30 to 45 minutes. A longer warm up and cool down period is suggested (usually 10 minutes). We use very easy to follow steps, which includes Salsa, Cha Cha, Merengue, Cumbia, Salsa, Rock & Roll (including Twist and Charleston), Belly Dance, Flamenco, and Tango. However, if a participate wanted to take it higher, they have that choice.

Zumba LLC added Zumba Gold-Toning to the mix. It's the dance-fitness party that moves at your pace and more! Shake and sculpt your way to a healthy body for an active lifestyle. Whether you're an active adult or just starting your fitness journey - the Zumba Gold-Toning Program combines the enticing international rhythms of a slower-paced Zumba Gold dance-fitness class with the sculpting moves of a Zumba Toning class, creating an easy-to-follow, health-boosting dance-fitness program anyone can enjoy! When you take a Zumba Gold class, be sure to wear comfortable workout clothing, bring water and a hand towel.

Photo/right: Here I am with twin sister, Donna teaching Zumba at a corporate event.
Aqua Zumba

This course is the "pool party" workout for all ages. A class that is safe, effective and a challenging water-based workout, that integrate the Zumba formula and philosophy into traditional aqua fitness disciplines

Don't be fooled, this is not your normal aqua class. The moves are intense. Remember, you will be moving your bodies for 45 or 60 minutes against the resistance of water. The movements are challenging and you can really feel the muscles working against the resistance. Merengue, Cumbia, and Reggaeton are a few of the dance rhythms that are incorporated into this class.

Exercise movements include hamstring curls, Zumba shuffle, kicking, twisting and clapping. When you take Aqua Zumba®, a bathing suit and towel is required.

Zumba LLC Class Description: Splash your way into shape with an invigorating low-impact aquatic exercise. Known as the Zumba® "pool party," the Aqua Zumba program gives new meaning to the idea of a refreshing workout. Integrating the Zumba philosophy with traditional aquatic fitness disciplines, Aqua Zumba® blends it all together into workout that's cardio-conditioning, body-toning, and most of all, exhilarating beyond belief.

Photo/right: Here I am teaching an Aqua Zumba class at the Costick Center pool.

Zumba Toning

Zumba® Toning takes the original Zumba dance-fitness class to the next level, utilizing an innovative muscle training protocol and the addition of light weight toning sticks or dumbbells. You'll learn how to use the weighted, maraca-like Zumba Toning Sticks to enhance rhythm, build strength and tone all the target zones. This Latin-inspired dance & tone program also includes, for the first time, combination rhythms within the same songs which adds to the fun and flavor: Latin Disco, Reggaton, Cumbia, Conga Hip-Hop, Merengue Hip-Hop, Belly Dance, Techno and Salsa.

This program is assured to provide the participant with a safe and effective, re-defining total body workout! Zumba Toning creates the same party atmosphere as every other Zumba program because the rhythm of the dance is the passion and foundation which keeps the participant engaged and coming back. Zumba Toning is fun, different, challenging and effective and provides, for the participant, a new avenue to weighted activity.

IMPORTANT: If you do not take this class with an experienced certified fitness Instructor, you risk injury! We have been teaching Zumba Fitness® for many years now. Our company offers highly qualified, nationally certified Instructors and are in demand for these programs because of our reputation. When you take a Zumba® Toning class, be sure to wear comfortable workout clothing, bring your hand weights- either 1.5 or 2.5 lbs., (or you will be able to purchase the Toning Sticks from us, if they are in stock), water, and a hand towel.

Photo/right: Me posing for a media shoot a few years ago..

Zumba Sentao

Year ago Fitness Motivators offered a "30-minute Chair Workout" in the surrounding communities. We used an ordinary chair to workout on. We danced around a chair, used it for our body toning with weights and we used the chair to balance and stretch on.

Zumba Sentao brings the same concept as our 30-minute chair workout. Zumba Sentao is a great option for anyone who is new to the Zumba world because on top of the exhilarating dance moves, Sentao also adds in some more traditional workouts like squats, lunges, pushups, and crunches. Sentao is a great combination of cardio dance fitness, strengthening, and toning exercises. For all fitness levels, who wants to obtain a full body toning workout without spending hours at the gym. Not only will you sweat, its fast and its fun.

Photo/right: Creator of Zumba, Beto Perez at a convention teaching Zumba Sentao

Zumba in the Circuit

What is Zumba® in the Circuit? Take the high-energy, Latin-inspired dance-fitness moves of the Zumba® program and mix them with a series of strength exercises (on the Curve Machines) at timed intervals and you've got Zumba in the Circuit, the 30-minute workout that's putting a new spin on circuit training. Now you can be part of the Zumba in the Circuit revolution and teach the world's only 30-minute, circuit-oriented fitness-party. Some classes may be 45-minutes long.

Zumba in the Circuit creates the same party atmosphere as every other Zumba program because the rhythm of the dance is the passion and foundation which keeps the participant engaged and coming back. Zumba® in the Circuit is fun, different, challenging and effective and provides, for the participant, a new avenue to weighted activity.

Please note: Most of these classes are being offered at Curves, however, make sure these are indeed the classes at Curves! A lot of the Curves offer Zumba in the Circuit classes, but when you get there, it is most likely the original Zumba class that you will get. It is against the franchising policy to conduct any type of classes at Curves (including the original Zumba classes). Curves are only allowed to offer the Zumba in the Circuit classes.

IMPORTANT: If you do not take this class with an experienced nationally certified fitness Instructor, you risk injury! We have been teaching Zumba Fitness® for many years now and recently added Zumba® in the Circuit to our program, because our company offers highly qualified certified Instructors. Only ZIN Members (Zumba Instructors Network) are allowed to teach the Zumba in the Circuit classes.

Photo/below: Here I am teaching a Zumba in the Circuit class.
Zumba Step

Zumba Step is a brand new program that Zumba LLC recently added. A lower body workout. Tone and strengthen glutes and legs with a gravity-defying blend of Zumba routines and step aerobics.

IMPORTANT: If you do not take this class with an experienced nationally certified fitness Instructor that has a background in teaching a STEP class, you risk injury!

Personal Note: I have to admit, I am not too happy about this new program that they've added. You are talking about millions of Zumba Instructors that does NOT have ANY group fitness teaching background, teaching a class (STEP) that they are NOT experienced at nor will have the proper education of teaching this class. If you consider a total of eight hours in one workshop enough training for an individual to start teaching a STEP class the following day, by all means... you are welcome to subject yourself to injuries. Remember, when an individual atte
nds a Zumba workshop, there are NO prerequisite required (Only for the Zumba Instructor to be a member of the Zumba Instructors Network).

One does not have to have a group fitness background or teaching background to be a Zumba Instructor. If you have ever been to a STEP class, you will understand the importance of the Instructor to know what she or he is doing, no matter if it involves dance or not.

Photo/right: Creator of Zumba, Beto Perez teaching Zumba Step on his latest DVD.
Zumba Kids Programs

Zumbatomic® is now Zumba® Kids and Zumba® Kids Jr. (Zumbatomic used to be the name of the children's Zumba classes.) It’s a fast-forward fusion of the Zumba program’s moves - salsa, cumbia, reggaeton, hip-hop and more - workouts designed to let kids max out on fun and fitness all at the same time. Safe and effective, kids can’t wait to get into the Zumbatomic groove. Watch their energy and fitness levels soar as they get the groove.

Zumba Kids: The Zumba® Kids program is the ultimate dance-fitness party for young Zumba fans ages 7-11, where they can play it loud and rock with friends to their own rules! This program features age-appropriate music and moves that get kids movin’ to the beat. It’s all about feeling fearless on the dance floor, reinforcing the idea that it’s okay to just be yourself and dance like no one’s watching.
Zumba Kids Jr.: Zumba® Kids Jr. classes are a dance ‘n’ play party for lil’ feet where pint-sized party animals get silly, dream big and begin their journey to a healthy future. This program is where 4- to 6-year-olds just let loose and be themselves – little bundles of natural energy that are endlessly curious about new sounds and experiences! Here they can socialize, move to age-appropriate music and play games with other kids.
Designed to let you and your little ones 0 to 3 years old wiggle, sing and learn together, the Zumbini™ program is where the science of child development meets the magic of Zumba® – for the ultimate bonding experience!

Generally these classes will last between 30 to 45 minutes. The moves will be basic and are designed to make it easy for the Lil or Big Starz to follow. Make sure your Starzs wear comfortable workout clothing, bring water. Also, if your Star is not feeling well or is sick, please do not bring them to class until they feel better.

Photo/below: Donna teaching a kids zumba class.

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