I was fascinated by this beautiful white doe at one of our metro parks. When I first met her, I wanted to learn more about her. I took it upon myself to study her and try to learn as much as I could by documenting her on film for one full year.

I am so happy that I did! To this day, I felt that she knew my scent and knew that I was there to cause no harm to her or her family. I was far enough away to show her respect and only close enough with what my camera lens would allow.

At one of my visits with her it was 6:15 AM, pouring rain with the warning lights and alarms going of in the park! My friend, Chuck met me there and we both decided to leave, because it was not safe to leave our cars. As I was turning to leave, At the other end of my headlights, the light captured Ms. Spirit Princess looking right at me! As I drove closer to where she was, she just stood there in the pouring rain looking at me. I pulled to the side and rolled down my window. I sat there looking back at her and without a doubt knew that she knew it was me.

All I could hear was the heavy rain drops hitting the rooftop of the Outback and the alarms in the background. However, at this moment, it will be a moment I will forever keep in my heart. This is when she gave birth to her second fawn and I witnessed the entire event with only Ms. Spirit Princess and I there.

On the main page of this website, the photo that I took is real. It took me many months to capture that moment. I wanted to take two photos of her…. One with the sun rising behind her and another photo when she is in the lake. It took a LOT of patience and time, but after many visits, I was able to capture both moments. Nowadays one cannot see Ms. Spirit Princess, because of the media and people having no respect for the wildlife. This beautiful creature and her family now lives deep in the woods.