My story

(Above) My new icon I designed.
It represents my siblings and I.

My name is Debbie Lim, a self-taught artist, born in Detroit, Michigan USA. I had a very hard childhood and had only my art and siblings. My art was the way for me to escape my reality. My twin sister and I were aged out of the foster-care system, turning shy of 16-years-old.

Art was the only thing in my life that gave me stability.

While wildlife is my passion to paint, I recently discovered colored pencil art and now I am fascinated with working in this media.

Photography is my way to be calm and centered.

From the moment I bought a tiny camera from a drug store as a teen, I was hooked on photography! I taught myself as much as I could and also took college level courses. During that time I basically lived in the dark room creating photos!

Although I primarily concentrate on wildlife in both of my artistic outlets, I also work as a photographer for corporate work, senior photos, family and couple portraits.

Along with my photography, I also offer wildlife and Feng Shui art prints. I use my Chinese family background of Feng Shui by creating original artwork that correlates to the classic Feng Shui methods. Feng Shui is the use of energy “chi” to harmonize individuals with their surrounding home and/or office environment.

Thank you for your interest in my art. Debbie

Photo Credit: Donna Lim