After seeing this family put up a massive Halloween Display at their house every year (I drive by when I am visiting family), I decided to ask them if I could take some photos of their Halloween Display and they were very kind in saying yes! 

Of course I had to have my twin sister, Donna with me. She is part of everything I do! I asked Donna to bring a flashlight and candle with her. It will be dark outside, so I was going straight off of no flash and only their lighting. After walking around and getting a feel of what I wanted to capture, I was ready! I wanted my photos to concentrate on the subject and the lighting had to be perfect.  Sometimes I had Donna aim the flashlight on the subject to give it more of a frightful look. (We never did use the candle.)

I was happy with the results and made sure the family had the photos to add to their collection. So yes…. My first creepy, scary Halloween photos to share!

Thank you Donna and to the Martin Family for this opportunity!