Spiritual Phenomena?

I call what happened to me within 16 months a spiritual phenomena. When these events happened, I researched it and it always gave me a positive message. The feeling I had with each encounter (after the initial shock LOL) deep inside of me, was positive and the sense of calm deep from within was (and […]

Behind the scene with Ms. Spirit Princess

I was fascinated by this beautiful white doe at one of our metro parks. When I first met her, I wanted to learn more about her. I took it upon myself to study her and try to learn as much as I could by documenting her on film for one full year. I am so […]

Art Reception

This evening is the Art Reception that I am part of, but I did not tell anyone about it. I attended the Art Reception with Donna, Scott, and Nino, the only three that knew about it. We were only there for a few minutes because of my vertigo starting back up in full force since […]