When asked, “Why do I openly discuss my childhood experiences?” The answer is straightforward. My aim is to positively influence others. If my story can help someone identify their own struggles with abuse, or reassure them that they are not alone in their feelings, then I consider my openness worthwhile. 
If my experiences can positively influence someone, help them identify abuse, reassure them that they’re not alone, or inspire them to change their life’s path for the better, then it’s all worth it. That’s the strength of “The Lim Sisters.”

“Why do I share so much about my life?” Yes, my journey was tough, filled with abuse and struggles. But early on, I chose a path different from most. I’m not saying it was the right path, but it was the right one for me.

Even now, I often find myself at crossroads. But my faith guides me. I also rely on my instincts and innermost feelings to steer me in the right direction.

Even at this stage of my life, I’m still a work in progress! Trust doesn’t come easily to me. I often feel like I’m always on the run, constantly looking for a place to hide when I’m out (though I never actually do, it’s always on my mind).

I’ll keep sharing my life story in the hope that it might inspire someone to improve their own life. I have immense love for my siblings and immense pride in who they’ve become, how they’ve shaped their lives, and how they’ve weathered tough times.

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