Art Reception

While driving out of Charlevoix (Nino had a gig there), we saw a low flying large “bird”. He was very low to the street, as we were driving right behind him. Both of us instantly knew that it was an eagle.

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Spiritual Phenomena?

I call what happened to me within 16 months a spiritual phenomena. When these events happened, I researched it and it always gave me a

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My Eagle at the Perfect Time!

I came back home crying so much and I kept praying to God for some answers. I am glad that I found solace in something that uplifted my spirits – an eagle sighting right outside of my front door!

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Solo Art Show – August 2023

The Livonia Art Commission offer me a solo exhibit for the entire month of August 2023. It was a success and the reviews were excellent. The vibe was extremely positive and contagious!

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PARC Art Gallery

The exhibition at The PARC Art Gallery in Plymouth, Michigan, ran from October 25, 2023, to January 3, 2024. I had the honor of participating

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Picture of Debbie


I am a simple person. I do not require much. Because of my silly and carefree nature, I am also guarded and I do not trust people that much. I do watch people very closely. Because of my past, I am able to read people quite well. Once a person lies to me or "talks down to me", they are history to me.
This is why I love nature so much. This is why I love my dogs so much. Unconditional love from my dogs and with nature, you get what you see and feel.